sex with Tim

Date: 2/28/2017

By yadiraL

Class had just finished. I was coming out of the classroom as a guy had come up to me as I realized it was a friend but in my dream he was an ex boyfriend. We had started to talk about us & how we should give things a try again. He grabbed me from my waist & takes me into an empty classroom. He starts caressing my face as we start making out & he starts to undress me so gently picks me & puts me on a desk. I lay down & he starts kissing my stomach so soft & gentle & starts to eat me pussy out so passionate. At this point my pussy is so creamy & wet. I get down from the table down to me knees & un zip his pants & his dick just pops out so big & thick i put it in my mouth & start stroking it looking up at him. He then pulls me up & turns me over & bends me over on the desk & tells me to grab my ass & he starts to push his dick inside my tight pussy & starts thrusting me nice & slow & so deep as he grabs my leg & lefts it up to put it on the desk & starts pounding me so deep. Next thing I know I was on top of him riding him so well I had cum on his dick a few times & he started to say he wanted to cum inside my pussy as I was moaning saying cum inside my pussy baby & next thing you know he started to cum as I did as well all over his dick & as I was getting off his dick I wake up. So the first thing I did was grabbed my phone & txt the guy I had dreamed about we are friends but we have a thing going on now for about a year so I told him I had a dream about you as he has told me his dreams about me before & txts back with " damn! Let's make that happen " gotta say one of my most sexiest dreams ever! woke up horny & wet. 🙃