Chased by a Lady with a Lighter

Date: 10/12/2016

By HeyItsShelbyyy

Last night I had a dream where my cousin Emily and I were at a random park in my town and there were two youtubers there (Amy Ordman and AmandasChronicles). They were also there with a random friend of theirs who I don't know. Well anyway, my cousin and I were watching them throw a plastic water bottle in the air and see how high they could make it go. But once, it accidentally landed in a houses backyard. Then almost immediately, a lady around 40-50 years old ran out of that house with a cigarette lighter in hand. She thought it was my cousin and I who threw the water bottle into her backyard since we were young and she didn't expect 20 year olds to be a throwing a water bottle in the air. The lady then yelled out "Who wants to get set on fire?!" as she bolted towards us. She then chased us two down the street with a lighter and tried to burn us whenever she got a bit closer. The dream ended as soon as we out-ran her and ran into my house.