Kitchen Things Geeky and Kawaii

Date: 1/18/2017

By Fitful

I kept going to this little thrift mom and pop shop. Things were there at good prices, interesting cool kawaii things. I had only $20 in my pocket, and went there several times, I think the rest of the dream was about me at school, home or a dorm? Anyway after entering the story I would immediately go downstairs to the freezer/refrigerator and buy things from there. One was this water bottle, well drink bottle that was actually a huge plushie and made to look like a babies bottle. Pastel colors and exaggerated design. I also had two cups of jello I made in superhero soup mugs there. I would eat the green jello, just a few pieces. It actually wasn't very good at all. Once visiting I bragged to an employee this fact, that I kept coming back because I meant to buy everything in the refrigerator in the basement. He was surprised and politely accommodating. I grabbed the water bottle, I think there was white coffee in it, and went up the stairs, put it beneath my dress to hold it better then I realized it might look like stealing and dropped it. I went to another isle I frequented. Kitchen gadgets. There were two hand mixers which were awesome. One was very retro, metal, blue powder metal body and soft silver metal beaters. It also had Peter Rabbit on its body, he was metal and built as part of the body of the machine. It was well crafted, there was a pink version but I found the blue enchanting. I meant to buy it it was only $6. I was looking at another hand mixer, more fancy and advanced, and it wasn't called a hand mixer. I forgot I wanted to buy the blue Peter rabbit one and bought it instead. It was very sharp, the blades were not beaters but cutters. I loved it but felt I couldn't buy them both. I didn't have enough money. Besides I wanted that bottle plushie. It was $12.