Date: 3/8/2017

By birthkill

i dreamed i was back in ny in my old house and i was with my cousin. i was getting dressed to go to school or something because i guess i was late. (at least that's what my mom kept telling me) so the time was like 7:18 or something, it was kinda morphing and i go downstairs and i ask my mom for $1 to get gum and she kept handing me mint gum but i wanted my own. so once i decline about 3 times she pulls out a new pack but it's like fruity floors which i like. she pulls out a green one and i think it's mint but it's just like a less minty KINDA fruity dull apple flavor. after that i take off and start running to the train station and i see a girl that runs track in my school and i just point at her and acknowledge her. after that j was waiting for a stoplight to turn and i guess a bandana magically appeared because there was a big one around my neck now