Field trip bomber

Date: 6/6/2017

By notsandraa

I was on some sort of organized trip don't know if it was a school one or not cause I didn't recognize much people. But we were in an arena watching a movie and I remember someone in front of me holding an umbrella that had a colorful outline like rainbow as pretty as it was I was annoying I just remember getting mad at that so I go upstairs to the second floor to watch the "movie" (it was a blank screen we were staring at). But I see some man leave with a backpack through one of the doors on the second floor I was at he looks at me and the eyes before he closes the door which freaked me out. Next thing I know I hear someone running on the first floor screaming "there a bomb get out get out" I speed walk (lol) to the nearest exit but realize the person I was with went the opposite way to the other exit so I followed her for some reason. Everyone was out but were following each other like ants and that's all I remember