Wizard wars

Date: 1/31/2017

By dystxpia

I was eating at a large table with 5 or 6 others in a dimly lit, study/dining room. We were some some kind of magical beings, either wizards or half demons, I wasn't sure. I had a little girl sitting close beside me, an orphan our council had taken in that now looked up to me as an older sister. We were talking about things we had been practicing/ creating that day while eating a small meal of different berries. Suddenly there was a loud noise from another room and then the far wall was being broken down. Black shadows of demons trampling into our room past the crumbling bricks. The little girl clung to me screaming and we were all trying to keep our composure and gather our work on the table. once I had my books in my bag (in a matter of seconds) I dashed away from the table as everyone else was doing and scurried into one of the many doors along side the wall, pulling the girl in after me. I realized I went through the wrong door and this wasn't my section but I didn't care and continued anyways. we got to a set of stairs and floating near the top on a black cloud was one of the other wizards. His eyes were black and he was dressed in unusual attire. I knew exactly what was going on. "You betrayed us?!" I said as I pushed the little girl behind me to protect her. He just gave me a smirk and stared down at me. The last thing I felt was severe betrayal and sadness before I woke up