Date: 5/23/2019

By Genesis_Dreemurr

i went to a party with chris. it was an upper classmans psrty but it was still really cool. there was a sentient photo booth that arrived towards the end of the night, and we took lots of pictures. it was about 11 when we were let out, i was supposed to get McDonald's w chy but she never showed, i ate and left, i ended up walking with some rando's, by the time i got close to the house it was past city cerfew for teens. I went up a back street and was pulled up to by a cop, Austin was in the back, the cop asked me what was up and i told him I'd gone to the party and could point to my house. He started telling me about how he was gonna fake charges on Donavan brown, and my first thought was, ooo im gonna tell kyyyyyle.