Seeing Ramsay in a gallery

Date: 8/19/2017

By byugancrystal

I was in a castle or a hall or something and there was a large room with really nice paintings in, and in one corner was a large mirror. I decided to do a panoramic shot of some of the pictures in the corner, and of myself while I was there to put on my snapchat story, when someone walked across it. It was the guy who played Ramsay, I knew him, and I knew he was a terrible guy. But he seemed nice, and seemed to have forgotten everything he'd done. He told me to take some pictures of him, and asked if he could take some of me. I muttered and said, "I hate pictures." And he agreed. He took the picture and he seemed to be clinging on, he was being too nice, but I was too scared to tell him to go or that I had to go because I knew what he was capable of. I figured he'd definitely forgotten or was really trying to be nice, assuming I didn't know him.