Luke Hemmings

Date: 8/4/2017

By kxxvs

I had a dream where I was in the position of Winnie (character from a Wattpad fan fiction about Luke Hemmings). In this story Winnie is 17 and Luke is 25. Long story short they slept together and he got sent to prison the next day. Another thing is...Luke was Winnie's stepdad but then the mom left them and they became very close with each other. So in my dream I was playing Winnie but I was myself. I went to school a week later after he got arrested and obviously the incident devastated me but I had finals to do so I went to school. There was a whole process we had to go through to get our s.a.t papers and there was a line to a room where there was a little section in the room that was blocked off by cardboard walls that you go to so that other students couldn't see you as you talk to the teachers and principals. It was my turn in line and for some odd reason they had to do background tests and they asked you how old are you, where are you from and a lot of different questions. They found out I had slept with Luke just a week before and they confronted me about it. The thought of him brought me to tears instantly. "I hear you slept with an older man...Luke. The same Luke that happened to be your step father..?" I didn't get why this was relevant at all and as my vice principal spoke those words, tears came streaming down my face. I clenched my jaw not wanting to answer until a different teacher who I thought I liked whispered "whore". In that moment anger took over my body... I got up from out of the seat I was once in and I yelled at her. "YOU FUCKING CUNT. YOU BITCH. FUCK YOU". The list of name calling went on and on... I couldn't believe she had called me a whore because I slept with one guy. One guy! I couldn't believe she could say that to me. I was already broken and her saying that made it a thousand times worse. As I was thinking all this I slapped her in the face. Then at that point the teachers had come to grab me and pull me aside so I could leave. On my way walking out of that room, seeing the students see me cry and be so full of anger, you would think I would be embarrassed but, I wasn't. I was too full of pain at this point and all I wanted to do was go home to Luke. But Luke wasn't there...and therefore I even cried more. Reality hit me. He wasn't gonna be back for a while... and I crashed. I pushed the teachers away from me and pushed the door so I could get some privacy. And once I reached the hallway I fell to the ground with my face in my hands.