On the sea

Date: 1/19/2017

By melissakitty

I was involved with running a ship, and we were out at sea. I opened up a small cabin to find it absolutely full and crowded with wasted Russians. The captain had taken them prisoners and I was absolutely appalled at the conditions they were living in - all lying passed out on top of each other on the floor, it smelled so rancid. I went inside to investigate only to be (understandably) harassed by those that were conscious, except for a quiet few. I approached the quiet ones and asked if they were drunk. They shook their heads, and I could tell that they were afraid. There were three men - one was actually a Scottish guy I met at a festival this NYE (irl), and a woman, so one by one I told them to get out of that awful place and wait outside for me... They left and I was hounded by the conscious drunk ones. I could tell they were nasty people so I told them that when they changed and stayed sober I would release them too. Now I gathered my newly rescued friends and took them to the restaurant. It was a very British pub, ran by old women who looked like they should be on Coronation street. I knew that I might stir up trouble when everyone knew that I had just released some prisoners but all I wanted to do was get them warm and some food so I didn't really care. They had just missed the staff full English Breakfast, and the old women told me there was no food left, so I told my new friends to wait in this really cosy living room whilst I went to get us all some food to cook. They each gave me some money to go and buy the food and were so grateful for their release. They were good people and I was so happy to have been able to save them. As I was leaving the boat to go buy the food, there was a massive influx of people getting on, then I woke up.