Time to Face the Music

Date: 4/15/2017

By gabriel4031

I'm in a room full of ancient things. I see a vat of water with three shards (triangular in shape) floating in it. "These are ..." the voice continues, but I cannot remember the words. I realize I am with my guardian angels in the Egyptian pyramids when the one closest to me says "ready or not, now is the time to face your demons ..." I'm scared, and protest strongly, but they say they will be with me, as always. Everything goes white, like a cloud or fog. White is the only color I see. I hear music. Because it was so quiet before it startles me, and it is incredibly loud. It was so loud that it woke me up, and I had fallen out of bed. The words of the music stuck with me upon waking And turned out to be a few songs (Disciple) merged into one: "You will survive No one is going to face this fight alone Here we are to your right and to your left We will stay, we will fight to the end You are surrounded by the One You make beauty out of ash But something's got to burn I will trust You You won't leave me You see me This is not the end Now is time to rise Time to fight Time to run like you have never run in your life You can't be stopped You will survive You can't give up"