Kind of like the Walking Dead

Date: 8/23/2019

By ItsABlackCat

I had this dream where there was some sort of like, radiation explosion or like nuclear problem that happened and left the world weird as fuck. All the buildings were still intact it didn’t destroy anything (except for places that fell into ruin naturally over time since they were abandoned) but all electricity stopped working, cell towers went out and phones became useless, and people were stranded in this post-apocalyptic-type of world. Also, people who had been effected by the radiation thing became ‘monsters’ in a sense. They basically became assassins / hitmen obsessed with hunting down everyone. They kept their sense and rationality, they weren’t like zombies; they just became regular humans who killed everyone else. I believe their eyes changed to this yellow color with weird red specks. I remember me and like, some older adults who’d survived, were roaming around together, trying to avoid these weird hitmen. We came across these sisters who’d survived so far, one my age and one who was like ten or something. They were innocent looking, with olive skin and dark, curly hair. I remember thinking the older one was very pretty. We decided to help them when we realized they weren’t impacted by the radiation thing, and then we were traveling when some of the radiation hitmen sniped at us through some bushes. Me and the older girl went over to investigate and then the older girl got pulled into the bushes. Then she started slashing at them with this golden knife, and I ran away and came around on the other side to help (I couldn’t get over the bushes). She did a pretty good job on them though, I just finished em off with a pistol. I remember she was special, a chosen one or whatever, with her knife and all. I was kind of crushing on her by the end. That’s all I remember.