Ice cream and virus

Date: 6/29/2017

By Beatrice Wielich

I was at home and I needed to go to school. There were two friend of mine at home. One was Bjorn, I don't remember who was the other one. We were eating ice cream from jars that I kept in my closet. There were two jars, one containing chocolate and vanilla ice cream, the other one containing chopped olives. After talking and discussing with them a lot I emptied the second jar in the first and mixed it all up. They were happy I did this. My mum came and threw a bunch of chocolate chip cookies. I was late for school but I was doing this particular thing and then my mother handed me a laptop that I connected to mine to download some school material. Somehow I catched a virus like that so when I realized it I immediately disconnected the devices but it was too late. My mum worries but I kept her calm. I also made a joke about how I refused to buy an antivirus some time ago, which really happened in real life when a shop assistant asked me. The virus consisted in a scream that played every time I turned the computer on and some software which had a violet sphere with sprinkles inside as an icon. I found the source of the virus on the other computer. It was complete with the video of two girls running away from a man. They just ran but started digging a hole at some point. That's when he caught them. They screamed. I don't remember any further.