Date: 8/24/2017

By traprockgirl

I dreamt lots of small scenes that don't make a lot of sense, but there is one part in particular that stands out. I'm at a woman's house, and in rough shape, I needed a shower and was exhausted. She had two sons that talked to me although I don't recall the conversation, one was graduating from high school. This woman (middle aged, blonde) takes me aside and gently tells me she can help me clean up and that I can borrow a pair of jeans. Afterwards we go to a church, the pastor is a darker skinned man, not black,maybe Latino? He has dark hair, large bifocal glasses that older men wear, and white robes. He says something about asking people to receive, I'm not sure what it is, I'm not paying close enough attention, I assume Holy Spirit, so I stand up and I woman to my right stands, I put my hand on her to pray, people are standing, and the ones that aren't, go to lay their hands on them. I figure I'll just pray for the woman on my right. As I begin I look to my left and a woman starts to levitate, I want to be a part of that! As I touch her back shoulder I levitate as well! I'm amazed and thanking God. A woman that was levitating hesitates and I can see doubt enter her mind, I feel the doubt that this is demonic, I quickly banish the thought, she goes back to the floor. The woman whose shoulder I'm touching turns her head to me. I recognize her, "Greta Kangas!" I exclaim. And we acknowledge that we are not alone, that we understand each other, the FALC history, etc. We both get teary eyed. What I know about Greta. From a large FALC family in Calumet. Sheryl and Wesley Kangas. She is Owen/my sister Betsy's age. Kind of a loner, a little odd socially. I saw her mom in Houghton a few years ago and she told me Greta married and moved to Texas, has a daughter that is handicapped and Greta doesn't go out much or have friends as the daughter takes up her life and of course that there are "no Christians down there" At that time I considered reaching out to her but I wasn't at the stage in my life as I am now, and to be honest I forgot about her. I didn't know her as a kid just that she was in Betsy's grade.