Scary ass hand parasite

Date: 7/12/2017

By Idontreallyknowher

Was at an event with Kasey's fam, got what appeared at first to be a splinter in my finger, but it kept growing & turned out to be this weird scary ass parasite that could grow super fast. It had long thin squirmy sprouts. I tried to show Kasey's dad but he dismissed it so I ran home (I think my dads house) and started freaking out. It grew into my palm & I was really freaking out. But I discovered that it was hungry for water because there was a glass of water & its long sprouts kept growing longer towards it. So I moved further away from the glass & let the parasite reach for the water until it was almost completely out of my hand. I started to grab the bottom of it with my other hand to pull it off of me but I think it tried to lurch onto that hand. At that point I woke up in a jolt.