Feeling Lost but Protected by a Male Figure

Date: 2/12/2019

By skyrose

The dream starts out in the stands of a baseball game. One of the foul balls goes into left field in the stands. One of the players runs over to get it and happened to be what I’m assuming my significant other considering the way we acted around each other. The game was over so he put his arm around me and we started walking to the dugout. He was noticeably a lot taller than me. I’m an average to tall woman and he felt very very tall next to me. We then went to what I think was a baseball banquet. When we walked in he had to make sure I could sit at the table with him because I wasn’t old enough but he still made sure I could sit with him and his friends. We waited outside for a moment and we were kissing and being very loving. After we sat down I said I was going to the restroom. I then got lost trying to find a restroom that wasn’t full. When I got back to the banquet everyone had finished eating and were ready to go.