WEIRD BIZARRE DREAM Tinfoil Wrapped Babies

Date: 6/3/2017

By nebulae1

This is the first dream I've had in a handful of nights. It left me feeling so disturbed. *I was an adult *the babies were completely wrapped in tinfoil, not skin or anything was showing The government was making me have a baby. They were doing this to a lot of people- men too. It starts out with me in a house with my dad I think, or just some people. I was hanging out until I got the message that I had to become pregnant. I ran upstairs to this little girl's room that I had visited a few time before in the dream. There were accents of pinks. There was a bed that was pink and had a ton of stuffed animals and pillows on it. I remember pushing all the stuffed animals off so I could hide something under the mattress. I was trying to hide the baby. It was a she. She was very, very small and wrapped in tinfoil. I hid her under the mattress and she was unnoticeable. The weird part is, the gov wasn't making me have another baby, I was going to have that specific one in some way. Scene shifts. I'm in an airport-looking place. I have to make my way to a room to get prepared to have my baby. Like a prep course or something. Grudgingly, I find my way there even though I try my best to stall and not go. I'm now in a dark room filled with about eight or more twin beds with plain white sheets and a lot of adults- women AND men sat on the beds- and there was a cheap, small table/desk at the end of the room in the dark to monitor us, and there was a single, small TV. The men and women on the beds were victims of the forced pregnancy too. I remember sitting there for some time while we were waiting on everyone to be here. Surely, a majority of people were trying to evade this. Though, when I looked around the room, a few people were prepared to become a mother, and were more than willing to have the baby. A lot of people, a LOT of people were hiding there tinfoil-wrapped babies under the mattresses, pleading to people not to tell on them. I remember one girl specifically coming near me or even to me, stuffing her wrapped baby under a mattress, pleading and begging people not to give her away, I did NOT want to become pregnant. In NO way was I prepared to give birth. I wanted out of there as much as she did, I just didn't outwardly show it. I was trying to play it cool. I remember I hid my baby girl under the mattress near the headboard while I sat at the end of the bed so I wouldn't squish and/or suffocate her. My baby was too small to leave any bumps under the mattress. She was about the size of a football. I didn't tell anyone about my baby, keeping her a secret with myself. Once things and check-in were done, they played the TV. We were expected to watch everything on the screen. During this, some people were convulsing in pain or rolling around in agony. I knew that they were experiencing a baby growing in them at such a fast pace,  no animal has experienced it. I noticed a man across the room who was in more pain than anyone. He was yelling, I think, but I couldn't hear him. This was only a few people. I expected myself to be like this, but it didn't happen. I do remember though that I started to cry. I expected to be impregnated so I laid on my back and bent my legs, spreading my knees just in case. I was sobbing. I was preparing myself for the worst. I never became impregnated. I remember watching the screen and seeing all these weird images and colors- greens and pinks- but nothing baby related at all, really. Some people were sitting there, wanting to watch it, some people wanted to get out, some were already starting to have the baby form inside them, some people were just worried about their hidden, foil-wrapped babies. After all this, there's a scene shift. I'm on a plane. The sky is dark with clouds. The plane starts to land, but doesn't fully, because the female pilot pulls the plane back up. I wonder why and look out the window. A massive, massive tornado, cyclone funnel thing is tearing out the ground. It was gigantic at the top and then suddenly end in a short, smaller end that reaches the ground. It was coming towards us- in our direction. It was behind the elementary school. It would destroy it. There were kids running around but I don't know if they were necessarily scared or not. My dream ended here.