So Many Bits and Pieces

Date: 4/22/2017

By ace200

I remember being in school at night alone. The stairs going down to the cafeteria made a spiral. I was then in Media, sitting in the back with Sarah. My teacher had us play a computer game as an option of something to do. I remember the game had something to do with starfish and the ocean, and I think I became a part of it. In the end credits of the game, I got a starfish and was erasing sand from the screen. I was then living at the beach and I was with my mom. We had two boats, a mini one and a big one. We were trying to tow them in because they were drifting, but they kept sinking. Somehow we got them both. I then had a disorder in my legs and knew I won't be living a normal life. It turned into me watching a boy with the leg disorder, and this disorder caused him to wear a dress for some reason because his legs couldn't have pants on them and he couldn't walk well. I watched as he hung out with some others guys who made fun of him while his best friend joined in. There is just so many pieces I remember and I remember feeling emotionally during some parts and I want to know everything, but I guess it's too late for that.