5 Dreams (LUCID)

Date: 8/21/2019

By BattleGuy

1st Dream (LUCID) I'm in a grocery store and I'm being hunted by a guy who looks like my dad. I defeat him and become lucid and walked to the entrance where I meet two of my classmates and tell them I'm dreaming. They join me and we leave the store and do things such as teleporting, telekinesis, and flying. 2nd Dream I'm in a game that's like Garry's Mod and I'm trying to find a place to hide to avoid being killed by players invading our base and when I do finally find a spot that's in a cave and has snacks and a television, someone uses a map to locate me. I leave the game after that. 3rd Dream I'm telekinetic after discovering a blue crystal that gave me the powers. I use me powers on alot of things and while in a forest that has a museum and several houses in it, I use it on boats, animals, people, furniture, and other things. I also use my powers to fly. I use my powers to sneak into the museum and look around at all the stuff that's there but get caught by two security guards who try to restrain me but I accidentally kill them with the strength of my powers. A group of people in another room witness me do it and alert the police and I take off flying to the city. When I get there I land in a small neighborhood surrounded by the city buildings and walk around. 4th Dream I'm in my house and I'm a ghost hunter. After a series of event I discover my own house is haunted by a few ghosts, one behind my dead dog.