Gorilla sign language

Date: 6/2/2019

By TheJuice

Nigel n krit were there along with mom n dad We had a pet gorilla that knew sign language 3 dirty girls came to our house looking for a place to stay. My parents said they could stay in the garage. I wanted them to sleep in my room sooo bad. They were hungry so I brought them inside to make eggs. For some reason that made the gorilla mad he stood up face to face with one of the girls and started pounding his chest. Then I told her to go outside. The gorilla grabbed my hand and started doing sign language he looked so worried. I didn’t understand but I told him don’t worry I won’t let them back in. He sat right in front of the fire place. I went back outside and a car came and the girls got so scared. It was their mom. She was dragging another girl and was like “here take this one too. I don’t want her” and the girl was like “it’s not my fault I got raped” and the oldest sister asked by who and the new girl said by their dad. The mom left and soon after the dad came. They were scared shitless running for a place to hide. They hid in the attic area in the garage. He went to the neighbors house and was fighting with them. I kept trying to close and close the garage but it wouldn’t no matter what. Then he came to our front door pounding. I woke up my step dad and whispered to him what was going on. Then I called the cops. The cop was joking around with me on the phone for some reason. Then I opened the door and here comes this old white man. He has a knife and a little silver gun asking for his daughters. I kept telling him I didn’t know then he came at me. We were fighting and I remember him stabbing me once in the fight but it was minor. I didn’t feel shit obviously. I kept glancing at the gorilla for some reason but he was still at the fire place. The fight ended with that piece of dookie on the floor and I took his gun and shot him in