Bicycle ride and a drag show.

Date: 7/14/2017

By AliWiley

I was working with a theatre company and I was in charge of personnel, so I went to the airport and picked people up when they got in to the city. So I got a call from one of our employees, and went to go pick them up, and for some reason we used bikes..? So we are going on bikes and they have like 6 options for bikes..but they were ugly bikes, so the employee was taking forever to choose one. So while they were choosing I decided to go get coffee. So I went and got coffee and it was pretty difficult to ride a bike and hold the coffee. It was in a mug. Not a to go cup. So I get back to the airport pick up spot and the employee has finally picked a bike so we head back to our campus. On the way there we meet up with a few other employees who were headed to campus except they were in a red truck with one of those truck bed cover thingies. Now the road that we were on was four lanes and I was in the middle by the yellow lines and I knew that I needed to be over on the side by the white line. So I slowed down to cross over and I'm still drinking my coffee at this point (not sure how I haven't dropped/spilled it yet) and my bike starts wobbling. My coworkers see me struggling and tell me to go faster because I'm losing my momentum and I'm like 'Naw I'm still going fast enough to be able to stay upright'. So I stop to see what's wrong with the bike and the front tire is bent at like a 20* angle, but I don't understand because the bike was perfectly fine when I started riding it. Fast forward to a few hours later and we're getting ready for our show at the theatre. I'm fairly certain that the show was drag because all of the makeup was VERY flamboyant! The main thing I remember from this part was that when I was doing my makeup I had a very pigmented teal powder on my brush and I decided to put it on the very end of my nose and then I started crying because I thought I was beautiful. The next thing I remember was the applause at the end of the show until I realised what was happening was actually my alarm going off and the 'applause' was the vibrations in my alarm and then I woke up.