i get stuck in a room with josh dun while watching people wrestle themselves

Date: 6/14/2019

By squidward

i was outside at this park and texting evan. i think i told him that the text i sent him yesterday was the last one i’m ever gonna send him (or i was about to say that, i’m not sure) and i thanked him for all the memories. also, idk why i would tell someone that, but okay. he texted me back something that i can’t remember and it ended in “shit”. i leaned on this tree and put my phone down until i got a text from him that said “nice tree” and i said “thanks”, but then i was like “wait, what” and he told me he was there at the park with me and that he’s going to a wrestling match with josh dun. he texted me and told me to follow them and i had nothing to do, so why not. i saw him walk by me and it was so weird. it felt like he was a complete stranger, but someone who i know so well at the same time. they didn’t see me cuz i left and i went down to this neighborhood. i wasn’t myself anymore, i was just a soul. i don’t even know how to describe this, but i found a body and went in it, but its personality came with it, so i left the body. i flew out the door and shut it behind me and i just teleported to the ground and turned into myself in my normal body again. i got teleported to this hotel room and i had no idea where i was and i was scared that i had gotten kidnapped. i looked underneath the door i saw josh dun sitting with a group of other people and i was like “shit, what’d i just get myself into”. i really wanted to find a way out of the hotel room so i wouldn’t have to see evan because i didn’t want to meet him while i was going through it. i couldn’t find a way out, so i just grabbed a pillow and a blanket and decided “yeah, if i put a blanket over my body and cover my face with a pillow, i’ll blend right in and he’ll have no idea that i’m there”. it worked and he didn’t see me, but once i was outside of the hotel room, there weren’t any exits once again. i had no choice but to go lay down on this couch because apparently, that was considered polite for girls to do. i continued hiding my face with the pillow, so i looked totally natural lmao why didn’t i just look the other way so we wouldn’t be basically right in front of one another, idk. the wresting started and it was actually more like people wrestling themselves. they would run and jump on a glass table. i was glad i had a blanket and pillow bc glass went everywhere. this kept happening again and again and i thought it was so funny, but i had to hold in my laugh because i didn’t want him to know i was there. a girl came and did the whole break the table thing and evan clapped. she looked at him and said “you fool”. then she looked at all us and said we were all fools. then she turned around and showed that her hair was very short and she was actually a boy