Lucid dream inside a dream

Date: 4/12/2019

By perplexedrose

When I became lucid: I was sitting in at a table in my dream talking to my boyfriend and was in Azra in into the badlands. I looked at my hair and thought “wow I miss having this hair color. Oh if I don’t have this hair color in reality I must be in a dream!” I immediately did a reality check and put my finger through my hand. Then I immediately took two long deep breaths to calm down. I started spinning in the room and taking deep breaths to gain control. I told my boyfriend “bye! Have a nice rest of my dream!” And I started to walk outside then started sprinting and then flying. I went so high I saw the whole earth then zoomed out and saw the universe. Then I woke up in my dream and freaked out because I had a lucid dream and was so excited. Then I woke up in real life when my alarm went off. Does this count as lucid?? Before I was lucid: - way less memorable - still in azra - played a piano recital - in a giant museum looking building but it was very old and not modern at all