in love with a killer

Date: 8/13/2017

By dianalex

exactly what the title says. it's not my current partner, I've never seen this guy before. idk who he is. I think I'm in love with him? idk. he tries to kill this woman with a vial of blue liquid that's very potent. he put a drop of it in her drink. and then he also put it in a little saucer at the corner of our house to kill the cockroaches (lol, I know) but the dog drinks it and we're like NOOOOOOOO but the dog doesn't die so that's great. and there was a second part with me and a doctor I think and we were at my doorway and proving to some other girl in my house that it's possible to not fall in love with the doctor when in fact there was a thing going on between us. idk man it's all very strange. I'm confused.