Blood Naked

Date: 2/27/2019

By Greywaren15

Dear Reader or Whoever Reads This, For this dream you need some backstory. For this weeks assignment in AP Biology, we will be figuring out our blood types. Even the thought of this could become a dream or nightmare. But for me, I was excited for it. I didn't now my type and really hated the Apple Medical ID saying t didn't now what it was. So here we go. The dream opens with me sitting at a desk, in the very far front right hand corner of the room. This desk is located directly in front of the teachers desk. I was the first one in the classroom, which I realize after a second of opening my notebooks. For some odd reason I decided to do the lab on my own. (Which in the end, wasn't the smartest idea) I went to the back of the room, passing the shower on the way there. (My biology room doesn't have a shower, but in this dream it did.) I walked passed it, searching for a lance or one of those small needles that are relatively painless. Yet, to my dismay, all that I could acquire was the largest lancet in the world. It looked like a large steel pike that you would have to drive into you finger. It didn't look very fun or relaxing, but nevertheless I took it back and sat down by myself at the empty table. Readying the plate and slide, I shut my eyes and drove the lancet into my index finger. When the gash didn't draw blood, I did I another time. That again resulted in nothing. After a few moments of hesitation, I remembered that my biology teacher, Mrs. C, had said that your body won't let you bleed if you are trying to, your circulation will stop. So the insane dream me, drove the sharp point into the area right below my ear. This of course, drew large sums of blood, BU as it was not my finger, I repeatedly slammed my head into the table, trying to get it onto the piece of Typing Paper. When this didn't work, I stood up out of the chair, arching a large amounts of blood, my blood, ran down my shirt and pants. I was horrified that I was going to bleed out, and then look like a tomato, all red and shiny. So I did what any smart American does in this situation! I ran to the showers. As I mentioned before the biology room doesn't have showers, nor does the entire school for that matter. But in the back of the room where there are display cases, now stood a yellow-tiled shower. (If you have ever gone into a locker room, you will understand the tiled wall, with multiple shower heads lining it.) I somehow lost my clothes in this process, but didn't seem to notice as I washed the red stain from my boy and blonde hair. As I stepped out of the steaming shower, I looked for my clothes, but all I could find was an overlarge navy blue school shirt. (Navy blue with the school logo on the right breast) I hugged it on, and stepped out of the showering area, into the back of the illogical room again, only to find that all of my classmates were sitting where they normally do, but all staring intently at me. Mrs. C starred at me with a look of utter contempt. But instead of her normal attire she was wearing the clothes of Neville Longbottom's grandmother. (In the scene with the Boggart, Neville Longbottom adds wonder fly created clothes onto his worst fear, Professor Snape.) "That clothing choice, is not CD approved" she said in a stern voice to me. I almost collapsed in embarrassment as I ran to my chair, sitting next to one of my best friends, who kindly ignored that I was half naked. For the rest of the class, I tried to pull the navy shirt past my waist, but to no avail. It as incredibly mortifying. (I shouldn't haven't been embarrassed mind you... But would you want to be naked for the world to see? NO!) After the class ended I rushed o the nearby bathroom, where a white shit, and a pair of pair jeans waited me. I pulled them on, loving how soft the shirt and pants felt against my burning skin. I looked in the mirror, and bright green eyes stared back a me. The color of the shirt made my hazel colored eyes brighter, and even slightly attractive. My hair, normally a dirty blonde, was almost a bright white because it was so blonde. (I had almost bright blonde hair when I was younger) I walked out of the bathroom, hoping to avoid the public eye, when I walked back into the classroom to find everyone else wearing dark murky black clothing, clashing against my perfect white appearance. The dream need with me smirking at them all for shooting a bad color to do blood typing in. (I can sometimes be an idiot in my dreams, or I normally will have reverse logic. Blood stains white clothing!)