Red Dusk and a Warm River

Date: 3/18/2017

By seascarlet

My sister and I were standing at the edge of a river with a group of people. It was dusk and the sky was red off in the distance. Climate change had affected not only the atmosphere, but the river itself, which was warm. It teemed with life, but none of the fish that were supposed to be there. She and I were afraid to get in and swim, but this was a goal for us for some reason, even though no one else was swimming. It was important, somehow, whether or not we swam. But we were afraid of the unnatural state of this river. Afraid of the creatures in it and of bacteria. We made the decision to get in though. We made it without words, looking at each other as though this were the next step in this new world. I felt creatures brushing my feet as I looked away from her and towards the hazy red twilight, and then back again. I don't remember much else.