Still mad

Date: 6/25/2017

By FrickinAngel67

We went to Jean's house and it was an apartment in the dream, not a whole house. In the hallways, it looked dirty and disheveled and I was worried that she was kind of living in squalor. I knocked several times on the door and she didn't answer. Then I pushed on the door and it opened up and she was walking towards us carrying something. She was happy to see me and we hugged and then she went back out of the room for a minute. Her apartment looked beautiful and organized and clean and I was so relieved that she was ok. Jon came in the apartment then with a present for her and he said something to the effect that she was probably still mad at him and going to tell him to leave. He was kind of jokey about this but I knew it made him sad. When she came back in the room she somehow made it clear that she didn't want him there. She definitely wouldn't even speak to him.