Black and White

Date: 5/7/2019

By AndyLaty

I had met this group of girls, they were very into creepy dolls and witchcraft. I smiled with them. My dream flashes to a scene where I'm singing and making those creepy faces in horror movies while playing with a doll inside what looks to be an auditorium. Like those auditoriums in cheap schools. The audience was a bunch of adults dressed in Victorian Era clothes. My dream had started off where everything was black and white. I don't even think I was singing because the sound wasn't coming from my mouth. At one point, a fat guy in a tuxedo who was standing very close to the stage told me to stand up as I was kneeling the whole time. I guess he was the organizer of the event. I obeyed and tried to stand on my feet but hit my head on the ceiling that wasn't there before. I stayed kneeling, continuing the show as if nothing happened. As I was performing, I suddenly said something along the lines of "You drank tea" and the audience gasped and ran out of the auditorium. The girls told me that drinking tea was not allowed in the place. I even saw a sign of the rules saying what the girls told me. I ran out of the auditorium, following one of the little girls. The environment was now in normal color while she still remained black and white. We were running for the exit until I stopped a guy who tried to steal a woman's tracksuit on the ground. The little girl then ran away from where the exit was supposed to be and I ran after her. Then I woke up.