Dream: Transgressions Lead to Destruction

Date: 5/31/2017

By Ecnelis_Lataf

I don't remember a whole lot. I remember Brittany and I were headed on some trip out to Amsterdam with a bunch of other people. However she and I were undercover for Interpol’s special forces. We'd separated from the group and headed off towards an airport of sorts. It was a shifty looking place with a bad rep but it was part of our job. We were made to fill out paperwork to get new passports in there. Brittany got hers taken care of pretty quickly and was sent off towards the next destination, Scotland. I was held there longer as a fever started to kick in for me. They'd quarantined me only for me to find out that most people that got the fever would mutate into savage beast-like creatures. The fever stayed but I never mutated in the way they'd thought. Instead, once it broke, my eyes had changed to a golden color and I had gained a hypersensitive memory that I could recall easily. On top of that I my body was regenerating skin cells and blood cells faster than the average person. Yet I was still me. They then showed me a picture of Kairu. It was a candid shot as if someone had been following him. Two more pictures of him with the same kind of feel. I was then shown some of Brittany talking to him as well as another woman from our task force. The person showing me these had a thick accent but I managed to keep up with him as he explained the situation. “These were in your bag. Along with your laptop. Why do you spy in your own comrades?” The man assessed my reaction which was pure confusion. I looked over the pictures again and shook my head. “Not mine. I took them from a spy. Trying to help my comrades. That's why I was headed to Scotland.” The man looked me over and nodded. “Good answer. We'll send you with one of our own. He'll keep you in line should you be lying.” I agreed to the plan and they sent me off to Scotland. I prayed I could find my comrades before the people targeting them did. Fast forward and I made it to Scotland. However that fever causing mutations also had hit out here. The man I was with had gone through what I had. He was a rare case that didn't become a beast-like creature. We were made to investigate the outbreak there while still off looking for my comrades. The outbreak was bad though. My hypersensitive memory was being put to the test as we followed all evidence from the scenes of casualties by these mutations. At one scene I'd noticed many symbols which I'd remembered seeing here and there at other slaughters. I began putting the symbols together on a page and it ended up looking like a man's head with thorns and leaves around it and long vine-like hair. Underneath the image was the word “finne” which my mind instantly recognized as “finish” for some reason. The man watching me stiffened at the sight of the image. “God of destruction.” he told me though i don't remember the name he gave it. We never saw Kairu and Brittany in the current town so we figured they'd moved onwards. Then I awoke.