Going to the fair!

Date: 4/20/2017

By dixsilence

Finally a chill dream. Lol I was making company to a friend, we were at the backyard of a gym. The place was full of boxes, products and some tiny stores. He was on those corn shops, I wondered if I love corn so much then I haven't try them out. After that I went alone to a fair, at the road I saw some swallows flying around and i swear one just stepped in my face. I walked a lot and followed instructions until I reached the place. Before entering I was hanging from fences and poles like I was a calisthenic dude without any effort. Before entering the place I saw a kid famous on youtube, but now he was depressed and overweight. I went there and got between his legs​ and lift him like nothing, everyone screamed and cheered. I put him down and told him to hit the gym or something, he can do it. He went with a smile in his face. I entered the fair and woke up.