Date: 3/5/2017

By psyche

i vaguely remember being in a lecture hall of some sort and i think we were watching something on the projector screens. i can't remember the first half of this dream so i'll just start from what i remember clearly. i was w about 4 other people sitting on a porch near my home i think. we were apparently in custody and suspected of murder by this woman w short black hair who i guess looked a little like uma thurman in pulp fiction. she was interrogating me the hardest out of anyone and getting really aggressive. she got physical w me and i lost my cool once and shook the shit out of her but i regained my composure and stayed calm. she was very convinced i had murdered this girl but i really hadn't. she started pulling out clothing items that were found at the crime scene and claiming that they were mine. first a white blouse w a subtle flower pattern around the neck and sleeves, then a teal blue hollister knit dress w a thick off the shoulder neck line. neither of these things were mine nor did they look like things i would wear but she claimed they were and i did. i accidentally touched the white blouse and immediately realized now she could say my dna was on it. she started getting physical w another older woman that was there too and we started getting mad. i started worrying about kyle not knowing where i was bc he didn't know what had happened and i had already been in custody for a couple of days e no way to reach him. we all piled into a smallish suv and someone started driving us somewhere. they needed gas so we pulled off the road to an obscure gas station that ended up being a weird sort of wedding venue. it was a cylindrical building w row of black seats spiraling to the top. music started playing and we all started dancing in these special black heels. i either asked or had the thought that none of us could be dancing so happily if we had just murdered someone but i'm not sure if the lady w the black hair had the same thought. someone she had in custody had apparently just gotten married which i vaguely remember from some other time in this dream so she let them have a special dance outside where there was a special granite platform for dances. another wedding party was taking pictures nearby. i could see them from a window way above. the heels we were wearing were special bc if part of the heel ever broke off you could just snap on a new one. i guess the woman decided to let us go or something bc we were trying to leave. we walked into a different part of the building, a much larger cylindrical room this time w white chairs and curtains. we found out it was an "inception" wedding or something like that. as soon as we heard that word we knew this couldn't be good. every time we went out the curtained exit we just ended up back in the large white room. we did this 3 or 4 times and then i woke up, never to know if we ever escaped