Date: 3/10/2019

By Random

All I could remember in my dream was a girl, probably older than me, about 15 or 16. (I'm 14) She's cool, attractive, has long straight black hair, maybe with side parted bangs, I can't remember, probably wearing a tank top or T-shirt. She has pale skin, and a cool and charming smile. I think she is attracted to me, she finds me cute for some reason, probably because I'm shorter and younger than her, and I like her. I can also remember the both of us exploring the area (an old apartment or something) and she seems to be taking care of me like the older one would in a relationship. I feel like I'm depending on her and she wants me to depend on her. One time in the dream, she lend me or gave me some clothes I think for a competition or party? that requires us to dress up. She gave me what seems to be a black and red corset and she seemed to be containing her smile when I was changing? (like covering her face and grinning trying not to look at me) not in a pervertic way, like I said, she finds me adorable..? Anyway, I like her and she likes me. Then... I woke up. I really want to meet her again. I wanna ask for her name and I wanna know more about her.