I honestly don't know.

Date: 6/23/2017

By Beatrice Wielich

We were on a school trip with Sara, Diego, Stan and other random people. We were wandering in a building made of concrete. It was a bad place, full of homeless, crooked, strange people. We browsed through a shop which looked like any other shop in my dreams, big stuffed toys, strange clothes (Sara took for me a short iridescent top with some kind of wings or something). We looked at some books and then left. Sara bought a book but I don't remember which one. We got to a platform where people were fishing. We asked them if we could do it too but they said you had to have a permission. They swinged the hooks in front of us and we got scared to have them stuck somewhere. Then we reached a cafe. We took a sit and ordered something. I felt the need to throw up. I did try my best and ended throwing up a little bit but not being able to do it thoroughly (sticking my fingers in my throat, I mean) they ordered some kind of power which you should mix with water. In the toilet there were homeless people sleeping. The places were degraded. Most of the buildings were white.