The presentation

Date: 6/20/2019

By bdenson

I was in my living room and Linda my coworker was there and had this sheet hanging on a wall for a screen to give some kind of presentation. There was another computer over to the side with something on it to and another lady I think was with her sitting beside the computer. I’m thinking someone else was there with me also but not sure . I come in and sit down and she was just beginning and had my phone in my hands looking at it . As she’s talking I’m thinking this may be a little rude so I’ll put my phone down beside me . I turned it off She’s talking but I’m not really understanding what’s she’s talking about . She walks out for a min and I’m looking at the screen but it’s a foreign to me and I asked the lady “is this like a broker?” She says no oh no and I believe she gets up and walks out . I’m sitting there thinking humm then I said out loud I bet this is something like you give them money and they help you do something, about that tine some other ppl started opening the door and had a look on their face like what?? I said no no I just saying that , they didn’t say that waving my hand at them ..