Impregnating device

Date: 4/14/2019

By mittycave

So there were these people doing an experiment for scientists, just like a volunteer thing. The group was of females and males. They all gathered in my living room (but I wasn’t there) and the scientist would come out and take one person each time. They’d take the people on a gurney, and put them on their stomach. They’d insert this thing, that was white with the handle with a blue dot, the tip of it looked like a but plug thing, into their area (both male and female). After everyone was done, time passed and all the devices were removed everyone went into this hot tub. They were talking about how they were all pregnant. Then the scientist locked everyone up in these glass chamber things, each person had their own cage thing. I then woke up and went through half the day thinking I just saw a video about this, and that it was real.