fat nick and brian welch

Date: 7/16/2019

By kenzie666

i was at target with a friend and we were going to a twenty one pilots concert. as we were looking down the aisles i saw some people i recognized. it was fat nick and brian welch from korn. i asked them for a picture. we were doing different poses and brian welch says “come on, your poses are lame. you have to do this.” and then we both threw up some horns and stuck our tongues out. fat nick held up his shirt to show his stomach tattoos and said something like “free the opps.” after some pictures brian signed a yellow twenty one pilots shirt. i just went home after the encounter and skipped the concert. i showed my mom the shirt and autograph. as i held up the shirt i noticed that there was blood splatter all over it. i have no idea how it got there.