Mall fire

Date: 6/8/2017

By emilyassoulin

I am in a large mall on the top floor. There aren't that many people walking around, maybe a handful. I am standing next to a clothing store. I see someone enter the mall through the side door with a can of gasoline. They enter the clothing shop and leave the gas can on the ground next to a rack of clothes and they leave. I don't know why but i enter the store and look around. There is no one in the store and only one employee working in the back. For some reason i pick up the gas can start pouring it all over the ground and the clothing racks. I leave the store and stand by the railing on the second floor. I start screaming there is a fire!!! Fire!!! I look into the store and it is engulfed on flames even though no one lit the gasoline. People start to panic, screaming and running around. I can see an exit door to the mall in front of me. I see the hooded figure that brought the gasoline. He looks at me and nods, then leaves.