Date: 5/30/2017

By KevinWolph

So I was at school and I went outside and saw my friends Michael and Darien and Michael saw a bomb falling I suggested we run but they weren't running and I think Darien died or at least disappeared then my crush kinda ish bethy came out of the collapsed school and then did my kinda but not really crush savanna and me Michael and them when to a conveniently placed above ground bomb shelter when I saw my friend Travis come out of the building but then Daryl from the walking dead set the grass on fire then I ran across the grass in front of the fire and saved him and we went back to the bomb shelter and we were all in there and somehow an old guy was with us then I saw a target thing in red on him then kinda video game voice say "sacrifice ready" or something and people tried breaking down the door so I was holding it shut and Michael had something to lock the door with like a magnet device but only when he was in the room so I said I would hold the door while they run and they kept talking and trying to decide but then they broke down the door and we all ran then we got out but some people were missing but I felt like they were just lost not dead except for the old guy I think he died