Playtime is over

Date: 3/17/2017

By Imnotcreative

My dream starts off with a grandpa visiting us in this fictional place. He isn't doing so great as he is slowly dying. He tells me not to worry and comforts me by telling me that he welcomes death. However, I am not prepared to lose him and as soon as I do loose him, I go berserk. There is a tournament on a bridge above water where people are spraying each other with water and paint. I join in order to get my anger out but it doesn't end to well. The idea of the game was like paintball except with colored water and water guns. This guy sprays me right off the bat and I just snap and can't control my actions; I charge at him and snap his rifle in half and then a girl jumps on my back to try and stop me but to no avail. I quickly grab the girl on my back and hold her in place so she can't escape and then I jump backwards to fall on my back while she is on it. I land on a bunch of stairs with her on my back, she quickly lets go and lets out this bloodcurdling screech. I'm pretty sure I broke her back.