Same thing I think

Date: 3/7/2019

By undercoveroverlover

The past ew nights, I've been having a dream that's set in the same location every time. It's like a mix of a street in downtown Washington I've been to, my old elementary and high school and the neighborhood that was surrounding I️t , this house with lots of secret crevices,and this long road that's behind my actually house but I️t turns into a jungle and has an impossibly tall bridge to get across. I forgot what happened last night but I️t feels like I️t was probably the same as it's been lately. Probably some combination of my four best friends, my immediate family, and largely my ex. We always end up goin to some shopping center/ mall that ends up being like a complex dungeon of sorts. Sometimes, we end up lost in he maze and sometimes, we just end up enjoying the mall, watching movies in the theatre. I hope tomorrow I can remember more. I really want to figure out why I keep going back to this particular dream world every night.