The rewinding glass

Date: 3/18/2017

By Nxptune

So basically i was in my kitchen watching my uncle drink liquor with his girlfriend and best friend. He was recording himself chug on the bottle just to flaunt. I had an empty glass cup that i just finished drinking cold water out of, i rubbed the fog off the cup and suddenly the dimension we were in bended in a warp and we were all instantly brought back to 10 seconds prior to me rubbing the glass. We all look at each other like what the hell just happened? I put the cup down on the counter and slowly walk away from it, then Jessica (my uncles girlfriend) picks up the cup and examines it, we all give her a look telling her to basically stop touching it. So she looks through her reflection and points out that when we look at our reflection in the glass we can see what we were doing a few seconds we touched the cup. So she ends up rubbing the cup again and we go back in time, but this time she rubbed it too hard and bent the dimension until it snapped and kicked us into a new one, everything was gray and white and we had creepy faces. I screamed hoping to change back, but it wasn't working. So i woke up from the dream with my grandfather nudging me asking if i had a bad dream cause i was screaming loud in my sleep.