matchbox car murderer

Date: 11/26/2016

By figen

I was traveling with someone else, a baby, and my dog. We were in a McDonald's like place. I was reading or hearing about someone who killed everyone in a McDonalds. Then a red matchbox style car that was about 1/3 the size of a normal car came in and I guess started killing everybody. I got outside the McDonald's and started driving away on this weird tractor thing. The car chased after me, as far as I knew, I was the only one left. When he caught up to me he threw me up into the air really high and we were having a weird fight while being launched around in the air. We were in the middle of a tornado or thunderstorm or something. Then I realized I was dreaming. I summoned a huge ball of lightning in my hands and threw it at the car. It exploded I think. After I got back on the ground I ran back to the McDonalds. Everyone was ok in there. I thought about how this story was too predictable because everyone survived.