School trip zombie worms and Buffy

Date: 8/3/2017

By saythename_7TEEN

This is a recurring dream I've had since I was like 9~ I went on a school trip me and my friend S***** we rooming together and had one massive water bed so being the kids we were we went and jumped on it. It was squishy and fun until s***** popped a hole in it with her foot, but instead of water or jell coming out a bunch of tiny maggots and worms poured out. As they came out though they grew into human sized worms and when they touched my firend she had started turning into a worm too so safe to say I ran outta there! Running threw the hall I saw more giant worms and the rest of my camp turning into worms too. they were chasing me but I got outside safely. When I got outside it was an empty road and a forest, large worms quickly approached me from all angles- basically I was fucked. Untill I saw a buss driving toward me from the distance standing on top of that bus was none other then Buffy (from Buffy the vampire slayer yes) she saved me helping me on the bus and jumping down to fight the worms (but she died fighting) and making my escape (idk how the bus was moving I can't drive) the worms followed behind. Somehow i goto my school the bus broke I don't know how I survived but I was runing around my school trying to get to the roof the dream ends in either me going on the roof and hiding untill I wake up or me dieing somtime before I get there.. I lowkey enjoyed the dream though..