Various Disturbing Dreams - Parts 7-8 of 8

Date: 11/29/2020

By Purple

7. At some point I stopped running from the terrorists, or maybe that was in the background of my mind. I came across some college kids. There was a girl that kind of reminded me of myself. She told me to check out some music. It was heavily laden with testosterone. We laughed, and I listened to the music. I really did enjoy it. I wanted to tell her about all the music that I had listened to, but that would have seemed weird. 8. Final dream scene was that I was in my Florida friend Donna’s home and the layout was different. I couldn’t figure out the switches for the lighting. There were several kids there, ranging in ages from kindergarten to middle school. They were going in and out of the home to get to the pool. I commented how nice my friend’s place was set up snd she thought I was being snarky because there were piles of things for each kid. The piles were neat and orderly. I was being sincere. It looked pristine. One meal was heated for a little boy at the end of a long table. I asked the boy if he was going to eat it but he said no. I saw a little girl had taken the meal to a different part of the table and started eating it herself. Good, I was glad to see that.