by far the most intense dream

Date: 7/15/2019

By emo666

so i had a dream that basically Chucky from childs play was a whole different universe. and to enter the universe you have to perform some kind of ritual (i don’t remember) and you’re still in our universe, but it’s crossed with Chucky’s universe. in this universe you could only leave if you did some specific thing for three nights. i remember he would tap on the window then exactly 24 hours you’d have to do something (i don’t remember) and once you did this for 3 nights in a row you could leave. what was Different about this universe is everything was controlled. somehow they read our thoughts, and if we at anytime we thought to believe it wasn’t real or believe it was bad, they would send creatures that were essentially dementors from harry potter, except they weren’t called that and in the dream i couldn’t remember what they were called. we also could assault people in the universe with us, i don’t remember the point of this but i do remember it was set up kind of like you’d enter a video game if you chose to fight someone. other than that, i don’t remember why is was terribly bad or harmful, i don’t remember what the dementors would do to you, i just remember it was terrifying and we wanted out. i remember we were so close to getting out, we had done the ritual or whatever twice, but we missed it the third time by an hour. it would only be about a week before we could try it again, but for some reason it was devastating. i remember talking to others in the universe that said they’d been stuck there for years. now this is where it gets weird. for some reason, the guys running this were Chucky himself, and David Wallace from the office. i somehow (i don’t remember at all) just had enough money where i bought the universe from them. since chucky owned it, he was in control of absolutely everything (so don’t ask me why david was there) but now i had the universe and everything was mine to control. i remember i did everything via a twitter account. our account art was red and the profile picture was one of chucky. the twitter background, instead of being white, was red. so anyways, through this twitter i decided to message one of the people that i guess worked for the universe. her profile picture was the pink power puff girl (i don’t know why). i remember being confused about what exactly i had control of. i didn’t really think i could terminate the whole universe even though it was mine. i first asked the powerpuff chick if we could get rid of the dementors, and since i was in full control, i guess the employees were under hypnosis, and had to listen to me. the dementors creatures were gone. now it gets fuzzy, but i remember speaking to chucky himself, to get rid of the universe. he was under the hypnosis as well, but not as strong, so i had to tell him multiple times to get rid of it, but i remember also being sassy with him and really shoving it in his face that he was being controlled by me. that’s pretty much where it ends. the universe was shut down and my family and i were so grateful to be free. oh i guess i didn’t mention that my family and i did the ritual to enter together, so we were all in it.