explosives on a boat

Date: 2/6/2017

By Carolina

i was on the subway and i hurriedly got off at my stop. i forgot my pants underwear jacket and bag so i was standing there in just a shirt. i tried to get on a boat to ikea but it seemed to be going the wrong way. i saw a man with a vacuum go into the portapottu and make a shocked face. he vacuumed something and threw it into the see where it exploded. i was in a car. and i asked if we were going to ikea and they all said no. i freaked out and jumped out of the moving car. they stopped there with the door open for a long time but didn't chase me. i was in argentina and there were guards with big guns everywhere. it seemed like somewhere palatial and maybe it was a university. i panicked trying to figure out how to get home. i his in the bathroom and a woman with a toddler complained outside that it was unfair of me to use the bathroom. i ran into a woman and sort of realized it was a dream. i said let me look in your purse. she seemed offended but let me. and i said see it's just a dream - you can look in my purse too! and i left it on the floor next to her. i ran into a sloppy looking man and i begged him to help me get home. i said- actually since this is a dream i could probably just wish myself home. i could spin and imagine myself home and i'd be there. he said that was true but why didn't i try dancing. i danced for a long time and also spun until i "woke up" in the new dream i told my friends about the scary dream i had