Lucid Dream 4: Time-Traveller

Date: 3/14/2019

By wolfsniper5

Lucid Dream 4: I was in a home similar to my brother and his wife’s house, I had seen a frog with a stump leg climb the window, then an owl did too, but it tried to climb into the window. The owl swooped at a mexican family who then laughed, the oldest father figure of the family high-fived me and spoke only spanish and then they all let themselves in. The dream transitioned to a split second of a documentary explaining how back in the day there used to be a problem with miners taking silver tree wood as it was very plentiful back then. I then was put in the shoes of one of those miners and began to collect silver wood. I then found this old train whistle and went to talk to my friends, they said it was amazing and I should keep it. I showed the manager of the miners who said it looks valuable. I then would empty the liquid and mud out. I said I would pay 60 for it, but he asked in GOLD?But I refused and he took it. We then later transitioned to me in a dining hall and I sat down with this Nigerian King who sat with me and put the table next to me, probably because we were both sitting alone. We joked a bit and he told me how its difficult to go to another country because people are always speaking a different language and all the different accents as he put it. My father came over and I said hey look he travels too and experiences the same stuff. This then transitioned to me being in a modified Huey Helicopter with a lock on moveable rocket pod by the left side for the doorgunner. Whilst flying my dad fell out and said he would meet up with us. I then asked what war this was as I saw an armor column of german tanks drive by and a few stuka planes fly by, but Hueys were not in used in this war... I remember the gunners engaging the planes and the one with the lock on rockets used one rocket as he flew out of the helicopter and we were told to disembark only seconds before the helicopter crashed into the roof of the house. I landed below in the brush with my parachute fully covering me as if it were a blanket, I was disoriented and confused. We all regrouped in seconds and pushed into the garage that was conveniently open. We carried our supplies that came with the chutes, ammo, guns, grenades, flashbangs, and boots, and socks for some reason. There was a sensor on the freezer with a green laser, I was only able to see this light because of a large glass jug in front of me that showed me where it was, I then pushed the sensor down and disabled it. We had seen a man who looked like he was 40 come down the stairs and start yelling at us. One of the soldiers had knocked him out with the butt of his gun. I then went back downstairs to keep changing my socks because they didn’t feel comfortable, maybe 3 or 4 times trying to mix-and-match to find the right pair. This is where I started to realise I may be in WW2 and I had my phone and contemplated recording. I had also had a go-pro I had wanted to use on an american helmet, but I was not able to, being an old 1940’s military helmet and no drill on hand. I later transitioned to showing people the phone and telling them where I’m from, this was not a good idea, because I was then being aprihended and it transitoned to newspaper page explaining how I had brought a strange technological device and was now under question. This transitioned to viewing myself from an outside-body view like a documentary being hit with batons and being waterboarded as well as many others by soldiers wearing black uniforms. (This is where I woke up.)