death of the dragon

Date: 2/26/2017

By infinit

me and my girlfriend and some friends were going to an anime/gaming convention. we were super excited and couldn't wait to get there. I remember seeing the trees and flowers pass as we drove there . we arrived and parked in the parking lot rushing to the convention center. we walked into the building and looked around , we saw food vendors and people in costumes everywhere. my girlfriend Jodi and I made our way through the crowds of people and food to the gigantic dealers alley because we wanted to see what was for sale. As we were walking through the dealer's ally a handful of things caught our eye, we stopped and looked at these large journals that were showcasing something called E-ink which was an ink that corrected itself after writing to make your handwriting look nicer. we thought the E-ink was pretty cool, but not worth the $299 price tag and moved along. as we were nearing the end of the isle I noticed, an isle over, that there was a container that looked lake a salt rub we recently purchased from a guy at one of the stands in the mall last black Friday. I quickly told Jodi to follow me and rushed over to the container and said "looks like the guy that sold us the salt rub gave up selling it himself,lol." Jodi then picked it up and noticed it was filled with marbles , jokingly called me stupid and we moved on. we moved along through the isles and Jodi led me to a video game table, I remember seeing Yu-Gi-Oh: forbidden memories premium edition , it was unopened and included a promotional pack of 3 cards. I wrestled with the idea of getting the game but didn't. I instead continues to look around. We decided to leave the dealers alley and look around outside. there were groups of people huddled around everywhere. cosplayers and normal clothed people were hanging around talking and socializing. I looked to the right a little past some trees and I saw a dragon carrying another smaller dragon on its back as it was landing. It was a cosplay costume, but somehow the person had been able to achieve flight with it. my girlfriend and I started to split up as I stated in aww at this dragon and everything it was doing. it walked around , the little dragon on its back would spread its wings occasionally and sometimes the big dragon would lift it back up as it slid down. the big dragon then let the little dragon down, the little dragon shed it's costumes in seconds to reveal a little girl who was enjoying life , she ran over towards my girlfriend who was walking to the play area and she seemed to want to play with Jodi. I thought it was cute and watched them play for a second then looked at the big dragon who started shedding his suit as well. and along with his suit he pulled off a wing looking fabric, the part that let him fly whilst wearing it. he set it down but the wind gust took it before he could notice. the man that was previously wearing the dragon costume took pictures with a nice camera , he was admiring the beauty of everything around him. He had noticed the flight fabric as it went over towards his daughter in the wind. she tried to grab it and it came back towards him. he snapped a few pictures of it flying around as the wind blew. It was then that he noticed the flight fabric was going towards the road and I could see the horror in his eye. I saw him dart as it landed in the middle of the road, I rushed after him. I blinked and heard a crash. there was a two car pile up that I could barely see because trees blocked my view of the road. the back end of one of the cars was almost completely ripped off. crowds of people rushed around and I stood closer to the back. I heard my friend dillon say "oh no, this is horrible. I wonder if Erin from game grumps is here... I knew they were close." then another person said "i don't know, I'll call him and find out " he pulled out his phone and dialed the number. . . I was in shock and stopped paying attention to what was going on around me... I just saw someone potentially die... I walked away back to the convention center in a haze of dark thoughts... later I met up with my girlfriend and all my friends. I mustered up the courage to ask if the guy died. no one really knew for sure, and no one had seen him or his daughter at the con anymore.