The comet powered teleportation device

Date: 2/6/2017

By Tjika

I was at a party in my own house. I had a lot of deer in my room, because usually I kept then outside, bit I didn't want the guests to scare them. They were really cute and small, but also kind of stupid. They kept jumping of the stairs and when one jumped, tge others followed, so I had to keep catching them. Eventually I appeared to have some monkeys there too who were now also jumping of the stairs. They really seemed to enjoy it. My parents came to see me while I was taking care of the deer (and monkeys) and didn't seem to find the situation weird at all. In the next part I was standing in the garden with all the guests of the party. This included thea queen (from arrow). She was walking around with a metal iPhone. Then suddenly a blond dude appeared in the garden with a huge device, saying he was there to take thea somewhere. Apparently it was a teleportation device. Neither of us found that strange, we acted like this happened a lot. I gave her the advice to hold something not made from metal, otherwise we would get teleported with the strange dude. I told her putting her iPhone onto something metal didn't help, because that counted as touching metal too. She knew that already, so we both looked for something completely not metal. We decided to hold on to my tree, which I planted in the garden a couple of years ago (in real life as well), and I noticed the tree was blooming. It had a few beautiful yellow flowers and I was really excited about that. The dude wanted the teleportation to go faster, because he was impatient. He didn't seem to mind that thea was not planning to join him. He was behaving like an evil mastermind. He put some straw on top of the machine, which appeared to be a ritual to summon a comet. The comet would somehow make the teleportation go faster. I did worry a little bit at this point and thought it was rather reckless of him. I saw the comet coming quite soon after he put in the straw. Thea and I had let go of the tree at this point, because apparently that didn't matter anymore. As the comet came closer I put up a magic shield to protect us. The teleportation dude was suddenly gone and the comet did not hit my house. Instead it ended somewhere at the other side of the street behind some buildings. The comet had apparently suddenly turned into a nuke, because we saw a big mushroom cloud. I was easily able to protect the entire house though and knew I could protect it from the radiation for a very long time. I did worry about food and water, because I could not stop the ashes raining down on us. I figured I could just create some food and water though with my magic, so it shouldn't be a problem. Then I woke up.

AI generated interpretation The dream you had appears to be quite complex and encompasses a range of different elements and symbols. Dreams often contain personal symbols and references that are unique to the dreamer, so keep in mind that this analysis is not exhaustive and may not fully capture the personal significance of certain elements in your dream. The party in your own house suggests a festive or celebratory atmosphere, possibly representing a sense of familiarity and comfort in your personal life. The presence of the deer, which you usually keep outside, but bring inside to protect them from the guests, may symbolize a need to protect and care for vulnerable aspects of yourself, your innocence, or your emotions. However, their behavior of jumping off the stairs and being a bit "stupid" might suggest a lack of control or chaos in the situation. The monkeys that appear later in the dream could represent playful or mischievous aspects of yourself. The appearance of Thea Queen (from Arrow) and the teleportation device indicate a desire for change or escape. The metal iPhone she carries could symbolize communication and connection, but its presence in the teleportation situation suggests that technology may not be the key to transformation or progress. Holding onto the tree you planted signifies a connection to your roots or stability, and the fact that it is blooming with beautiful yellow flowers indicates personal growth or a positive transformation taking place in your life. The arrival of the blond dude with the teleportation device and his impatience may reflect a sense of urgency or a desire to expedite change. His reckless act of summoning a comet through a ritual suggests a potential danger or risky approach to achieving the desired goal. Your decision to create a shield to protect yourself and Thea implies a strong sense of self-preservation and the ability to defend against potential harm. The fact that the comet turns into a mushroom cloud and causes destruction may symbolize a fear of the consequences that can arise from impulsive or ill-conceived actions. Your confidence in protecting the house from the radiation suggests a resilient and resourceful nature. However, the concern about food and water may reflect worries or uncertainties about sustaining yourself in difficult or challenging situations. The use of magic to create sustenance in the dream could indicate a belief in your own resourcefulness and ability to handle difficult circumstances. Overall, this dream seems to reflect a desire for change or escape, a sense of protectiveness towards vulnerable aspects of yourself, and the need to navigate risky situations with caution. It also highlights elements of personal growth and resilience in the face of challenges. Consider these interpretations as starting points for further reflection and introspection.