Date: 7/20/2017

By willowgroves

Basically I was in this town where there were monsters and they were trying to create everyone to be like them. When they got to someone they blew them up / the got bloated and disfigured and then they went missing. For.some of.them if the monster was compatible then they would become stronger and faster versions of humans. And by the time my friend and I got to town a lot of people where being changed. I was terminally ill with something and my friend was looking after me. Things happened. It's blurring. Like I made a speech about people going missing and nobody believed me. I was attempted to be assassinated that day but I escaped. I was in a house another time and we thought we were safe as we are told but put lights all around the building and that would wear them off. But only problem was when I was asleep the rest of the house including my friend changed into the monsters or they became bloated. Like 2 in 10 people were compatible. Another time loki? Had an orb jn his hand and when he touched people they became bloated. And then I head butted him. Hahaha